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a legacy of professional service and client-centric habits.

With your needs in mind, it’s our commitment to deliver quality results and ensure your complete and total satisfaction.



Whenever csg consults with clients and prospects, we seek first to fully understand the desired ‘future state’ because it guides every discussion, meeting and phase of development. We are not transactional; our clients are long-term partners of ours.



We are more than just a company. Together with our client partners, we are a family who together create innovative data & software solutions. Our mission is to empower and enrich peoples lives through our solutions.


state-of-the-art technology

We help your business improve its unique processes and realize market advantages from your data by creating software and data analytics solutions. Our software engineers design and develop new systems as well as updates or replacements for legacy systems.


30 years of experience

For 30 years, we have created custom software applications to help companies manage complex business processes that cannot be solved with standard data & software strategies.




the leaders of csg overcome hurdles and create success everyday.

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mark peterman

president & CEO

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alex brockman

vice president of sales & marketing

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will bain

vice president of operations