our methodology

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implementing new data & software strategies is difficult. You must contend with work processes, business rules, policies and procedures that are informal, unwritten or new.

If the details of design are not managed well, it often results in a need to change or modify a project late in the schedule. That’s when it is most expensive and painful.

Our proven methodology gets all necessary parties together early and manages the process honestly. Our client partners embrace this and trust us as members of their team.



project flexibility

know-how and adaptability to best suit your needs


fixed price value

We know that our clients do not like to be surprised by changes in cost or timing. At csg we often work on a fixed-price project basis. If you have a clearly defined vision and want price certainty delivered by a partner that stands behind their work with warranty and support, csg is for you.


agile flexibility & speed

While there are many approaches to agile software development, csg takes a balanced approach of applying agile principles to projects that are often driven by budget and timeline constraints. Our primary goal is to provide functionality as quickly as possible, allowing for adjustments in the process.