Our Approach

Custom software must be developed on budget and on-time. With your needs in mind, it’s our commitment to deliver quality results and ensure your complete and total satisfaction.



We collaborate with our clients to design and build complete solutions for unique business processes with custom software applications.


Focused on Outcomes

We help our clients discover market advantages in their data, and we help them put that data to work across their organization.

trusted advisor

Trusted Advisor

Our aim is to become a trusted advisor who understands your business and how to apply technology to make it perform better.

easy to work with

Easy to Work With

If you have a clear vision and want price certainty, we can deliver on a fixed-price basis. If your vision is evolving, we can collaborate on agile iterations.


Predictable results from proven methodology


Designing new software applications is difficult. You must contend with work processes, business rules, policies and procedures that are informal, unwritten or new.

If the details of design are not managed well, it often results in a need to change or modify a project late in the schedule. That’s when it is most expensive and painful.

CSG’s proven methodology mitigates these risks and offers the flexibility to successfully complete your project in the manner which is most effective for the project and your team. Learn more below… 

The Best of Both Worlds

Flexibility to determine what will best suit your needs.

Fixed Price Value

We know that our clients do not like to be surprised by changes in cost or timing. At CSG we often work on a fixed-price project basis. If you have a clearly defined vision and want price certainty delivered by a partner that stands behind their work with warranty and support, CSG is for you.

CSG delivers predictable results for our clients. How? We combine our technical expertise with a proven methodology that divides the application development process into distinct phases. Each phase has milestone dates and specific deliverables that are developed in conjunction with our clients at the front end of the project.

waterfall development

Agile Flexibility and Speed

While there are many approaches to agile software development, CSG takes a balanced approach of applying agile principles to projects that are often driven by budget and timeline constraints. Our primary goal is to provide functionality as quickly as possible, allowing for adjustments in the process, with the understanding that that there is an over-arching need that must be met to have a working solution at the end of the project.

We also understand that our customers may have different approaches to the incorporation of agile development principles. Therefore, it’s critical that we agree in advance on the approach to ensure success.

agile development

Agile or Fixed-Price? Whichever you choose CSG can help.

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