4 Tips For An Easy Transition To A Custom Software Provider

There’s often a rather large knowledge gap between a custom software provider and their clients. For this reason most custom software developers will be well practiced in answering general queries relating to the development of your solution. Here are 4 tips for making the development process as smooth as humanly possible.

  1. It’s probably possible, but it may not be cheap - A good developer will be able to make almost anything happen within your solution – “Impossible Is Nothing” would make just as good a slogan for software development as it does for Adidas. But be aware, there’s an asterisk on that slogan. Impossible is nothing* (Provided you are willing to pay for the resources it takes to do it.)

  2. Respect your developers - As much as we like to paint them as robots, software developers are human beings. Barked orders and unreasonable expectations will not make your solution come to fruition quicker – if anything it’ll slow the process down. Treat your developer with respect, and your solution will be all the better for it.

  3. Take on the expert’s advice - Don’t go into the development of your solution with blinders on. Be open to suggestions from your custom software provider – they’ve got the expertise to know what may work best for you, and their input should be valued.

  4. Understand that you may identify some issues along the way - If you’re experiencing an issue, advise your developer of the problem, and let them go about solving it. Asking ‘why is this bug here?’ is like asking a writer why there’s a typo in their manuscript, or DeAndre Jordan why he keeps missing free throws. Software developers, being the same fallible collection of flesh and bone that we all are, will make the odd mistake. Unless you are taking it as an opportunity to help them better understand your business, don’t dwell on the fact it was made in the first place.

When all of your business’s cards are laid upon the table, it’s highly likely that a custom software solution will represent the wisest investment in the future of your business. And while this may at first seem an unnecessary, the reality is that the process of custom software development is more accessible than ever.

Custom Software Vs. Off The Shelf


You’ve identified an area of your business that has room for improvement, whether that be in the form of an opportunity to streamline your operations, or the chance to capitalize on a new revenue stream. In order to create this improvement you’ll need a capable piece of business software. In this ebook, you’ll learn what to consider when building custom software vs. buying off the shelf.

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