“We are putting our own Big Data to work. We plan to address both the employee journey and enhance market share.”



The largest professional newborn photography company in the United States, with photographers in thousands of hospitals, saw the opportunity to use their own Big Data to improve retention of their staff and contractors as well as use data to create new revenue streams.

The company faced high turnover of photographers. Training new people is costly. They wanted to mine years of data in their ERP system to map the “employee journey” so that they would understand critical points where they could influence employee satisfaction and increase retention.

In addition, the company wanted to better understand their market share. Market share is important on two levels, both the overall number of hospitals and the number of newborn photography sessions within a hospital. Each newborn photography session generates direct revenue from the purchase of pictures as well as indirect revenue from advertisers on the company’s website where new moms, dads, friends, and family go to view and purchase the pictures.



The company turned to CSG to design and develop the solution while teaching and mentoring the company’s team to develop their business analytics skills. A CSG Information Architect led the discovery effort to develop the full vision and scope of the project along with the overall plan to execute this.

CSG developers managed the overall project and built the data warehouse and associated ETL processes. The first phase of reporting for this project was delivered using Microsoft SSRS but will be expanded to include an industry-leading visualization solution for reports and interactive dashboards.



The photography services company is moving rapidly toward a robust business intelligence and analytics solution that will enable them to mine nearly half a billion records. With this information, they will implement strategies to address both the employee journey and enhance their market share. They’re putting their own Big Data to work.