“Cornerstone Solutions Group hit the ball out of the park. They took the time up front to really understand our business and our objectives. They earned our trust, exceeded expectations and delivered exactly what we were looking for.”



A domestic Energy Producer engaged in the discovery, acquisition and development of high-quality, long-lived oil and natural gas properties has 17,000 gas meters that capture production data in over a dozen gas fields across North America. This data is used by the senior leadership, the marketing team who manage delivery & pricing, and by a maintenance team that manages performance of the production equipment. They have 1,000 individuals who need to view the data and 200 that need to update data related to the gas fields. Each person, depending on their role within the organization, needs to view and manage the information in a unique way. The data is segmented by gas field. A user may need to access data from a small group of meters or from multiple fields. The current systems need to be downloaded onto each user’s computer. In some cases a single user may require up to 12 software licenses to view the required information and must access each system independently.

The Energy Producer was looking to:

  • Consolidate data into a single data store

  • Improve the accessibility of the data

  • Reduce licensing fees

  • Improve response time to underperforming meters

  • Create a customizable format so each user can view the information they need



The Energy Company engaged CSG to address these issues. The first step was for CSG to spend time up front to better understand their business in order to develop the best solution. Once the background knowledge was acquired, CSG created:

  • An ETL process and data store to integrate all of the data sources into a single environment

  • A customizable and configurable reporting application

  • A single web page to access the application and all of the company’s data



  • Significantly enhanced user access to both reporting application and meter data

  • Saved $250,000 per year in licensing fees

  • Improved response time for maintenance to repair underperforming wells

  • Improved IT’s efficiency in responding to issues