uncover insights and solve business problems

As a large business, you have data streaming from all directions and discovering information in this data can be daunting. You need the tools and processes to quickly act and uncover hidden gems inside of your business.

With csg & Tableau, your business data can be visualized and dissected so anyone on your team can see and understand. Highly visual and interactive data presentation helps uncover missed opportunities, bottlenecks or anomalies otherwise lost in the regular data shuffle.

We were one of the first companies in St. Louis to partner with Tableau and have a deep understanding into the tool’s capabilities and impact it can have on your business.



We help you craft the best strategy to implement and use your business data.



We help your team understand the data and how to best use the information at hand.


customized visualizations

We create visualizations that are the best for your organization and business problems.


data mapping

We help pull together your data and help deploy a scalable, secure foundation.


how we work with you

The CSG team will work with you to discover what data needs to be ‘unlocked’ and create a plan to do so.

We approach each Tableau project with the entire business in mind and help uncover other areas where data can be visualized and acted upon.

Regardless of your company’s growth stage, CSG and Tableau can help. Contact us to learn more.